Twitter Background Dimensions 2013


Twitter’s new design template with background image dimensions
The size of the twitter background image is super important. It should be at least 1280×1024 pixels in size however larger is preferable.

Depending on the background and whether or not it can be nicely blended into a solid background color or not, best practice is use 1600×1200 and even 2048×1600 for some backgrounds. It’s not likely that folks with huge monitors stretch their browsers to fill the entire screen, but you never know.

Twitter Background Size

Try any of the following options
1280 X 1024
1600 X 1200
2048 X 1600

Twitter Background Size Upload Limit

background warning

Twitter Background Basic Layout

The Twitter page layout is offically divided into 3 major sections

Twitter Background Advanced Layout

Following image portrays the twitter background size in depth.
Twitter has released an updated design for the profile pages, featuring a big bold and beautiful background image which looks pretty much like other social media pages.

What is the new twitter background resolution for 2014?

Twitter recommends 1200×1024 and larger, but it will resize any uploaded image. best practice is design 2 to 3 variations and upload them to check.
In the image above you can find any information you need to create a stunning background photo.

How to upload a Twitter Background Image

Following are the steps guiding you to upload a twitter background image in an instant.
to customize

Twitter Header, Cover, Background Blue Print for 2014

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