How To Pin A Tweet

This article explains:
– How to Pin a Tweet.

Before we guide you how to pin a tweet, we would like you to know why you should have a great pinned tweet!

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Image Sizing for Google+

Profile Picture:

google plus profile picture size
A Google+ profile picture has dimensions: 250 x 250 pixels. And this picture stands as an identity for you.Note that even though the Google+ profile picture has square dimensions but it appears as a circle on your profile, so it is crucial for you to keep note of how your desired picture would look like in a circle (with the square corners being cut).

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Image Sizing For Twitter

Profile Photo:

twitter profile photo image sizing

Ever heard of “first impression is the last impression”? We are sure you must have! The Twitter profile picture is a true depiction of this quote and it plays the role of an identification mark for you and your valuable business. The profile picture has dimensions: 400×400 and appears on your home page and on your followers’ Twitter stream whenever you post a Tweet. Please note that since this image represents your brand or just you as an individual, it should be of high quality.

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Image Sizing For Facebook

Since the technology changes really fast, the social media platforms keep chasing the technology hence forever changing the image sizes and formats, So this is a small article to help you give an update on the 2015 social media image sizes and bringing you the 2016 image sizing for Facebook:

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